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I'm an adoptive parent. After years of trying to get pregnant, I gave up and had convinced myself that I would end up being a wonderful aunt, but I would never be a mama. Well, the brief story is at the age of 42, and as a single woman, on September 10, 1995, in Hefei City, Anhui, Peoples Republic of China, my daughter's "Ama" (nurse or caretaker, in Chinese) handed Angela Caihong Joyce Cazel to me and I became a mama. There is a long version of this story and I would be glad to tell you and show you a video if you sit still long enough.

Even before I became an adoptive mom, I enjoyed doing adoptions: there is nothing better than helping to create a family. There are few things that show you what the true meaning of "family" is than doing adoptions. However, I must tell you that I have no "line" on kids. And that is probably for the best: I would have a LOT more kids if I knew where to find them. I happen to know a lot about foreign adoptions and then readoptions in Wisconsin. I also know a lot about related adoptions [i.e., adopting your spouse's child(ren) from another relationship or marriage]. So, if you supply the baby or child, I can help you legalize things.

If you have any questions about adoption, please contact me; especially if you want to hear the FULL CJ story!