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Over the last fifteen years, the emphasis of my law practice has been helping families cope with debt. I estimate (conservatively) that I have successfully helped over two thousand families and individuals.

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People who are facing serious debt issues are some of the most stressed-out people that I see in my practice. It is my job to make your experience as stress-free as possible. You will not hear lectures from me about getting in over your head. Most of my clients have gotten into financial trouble because of some OTHER trauma, be it a divorce, loss of a job, serious medical problems or strangely enough, helping someone ELSE out of their financial problems.
At your first meeting with me, we will sit down, together, and look at your entire situation. I will tell you all your options: perhaps the solution will be a bankruptcy but maybe it will be something less, such as working with your creditors to lower payments while you can get a new job or solve some of the other problems that got you into a financial bind. If bankruptcy is the answer and you decide to hire me, you can count on me to work quickly and be as accessible as possible (I normally answer my phone unless I am asleep, in the shower or in church...) If I don't answer, you can feel free to leave a message that will be answered as soon as I get hold of you.   If you prefer, you can send email to
My office offers workshops in debt reduction and elimination. It isn't a sales pitch for bankruptcy and it is not just for people who are in trouble. Please feel free to call my office to reserve a space in the workshops. Seating is limited but the seminars are weekly. We offer child care.