Foreclosure Timeline

In general, this is the time line for a foreclosure in Wisconsin. This is for a personal residence, there are exceptions - talk to us for specifics about your situation:

You are behind at least 3 months. The mortgage lender hires an attorney and they send you a letter (usually) demanding payment or else, FORECLOSURE.

Usually, about 40 days later, they file a foreclosure lawsuit in the county the property is in. They will 'hire' the Sheriff to serve you with copies of the papers. On average, this takes about 10-20 days.

Day One: Once you are served, a clock starts ticking. You have 20 days to give an answer to the Court. Over the next couple of weeks, you will get a lot of mail from mortgage companies, real estate brokers and 'investors' and of course, letters from attorneys like us.

Day 20: If you did not provide an answer to the court (and here are your three options: we paid, here is the proof; we can pay now, here is a check; we didn't owe, here is why. Anything else (for the most part), the judge will enter a judgement against you. (There is a lot of paperwork the attorney must do and this may take some time - days at least).

Day 30: Judgment of Foreclosure has been entered against you. With few exceptions, a new clock starts, 6 months. This is called the redemption period. You can keep your home if you pay the past due plus interest.

Day 210: Some time in the last couple of weeks, the attorney asks for a date for a Sheriff's Sale. It will be scheduled in 4-8 weeks.

Day 250 (approximately): A Sheriff's Sale is held and a confirmation of sale date is scheduled. You will get a notice shortly after the confirmation to vacate...usually with little or no time (5 days is nice, 10 they are being really nice).

We can stop the foreclosure up to the Sheriff's Sale....(in extreme circumstances up to the confirmation). But the sooner you act, the better.