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We call this "Dissolution of Marriage" these days.  I have been practicing law for more than two decades (the first two years as a law student in the Legal Services Center at my law school).  As part of my student internship, I participated in the "Pro Se Divorce Project" during my student years.  For five years after licensing, I headed up the project.  So, for seven years, I taught people to do their own simple divorces.  My practice, for the first twelve years, was about 80% family law including divorce (or dissolution), visitation and child support matters.

During those years, I developed a philosophy about my divorce process:  I want my clients to come out of their divorce willing to take a chance and get married again.  No, I don't mean walking out of divorce court to city hall across the street with your new spouse-to-be and getting married the day after.  Let's face it, divorce is seldom a pleasant matter and many people consider it a "failure".  What does my philosphy mean to you?  Don't expect to come in to my office and find a shark:  I will NOT take your spouse to the cleaners.  I will NOT promise you the moon.  I won't play games with your spouse's attorney:  that means I am NOT going to treat this matter like S/He and I are getting the divorce.  I do what I say:  so if I tell someone I will have a marital settlement agreement to them by the end of the week, that is what will happen, barring some emergency.  I expect YOU to do what I advise you to do.  If you don't I just can't imagine why you would want to pay ME money.  You will be the "reasonable one".  You will obey the orders of the court.  If that doesn't sound like what you want.  Don't bother to hire me. 

If you would like to have a free consultation, please call my office.   You and I will give an hour of our time to figure out if we can work together.   If you decide to hire me to do your divorce, post-decree custody or visitation matter or some other family law matter, we will set a flat fee for a bundle of services and sign an agreement with regard to the payment of that fee.  You'll know what you will get for your money UP FRONT.  If it turns out you need other services down the road, we'll sit down again a negotiate for another group of services. 

If you have any questions regarding divorce, child support, custody or visitation, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email at appoint@cazelaw.com.