Wisconsin Bankruptcy Means Test

NOTICE: The result produced by this test is NOT LEGAL ADVICE. Call us for a review your ENTIRE situation.

Monthly "net" pay-client     

Monthly "net" pay-spouse    

Child support received - monthly    

Alimony received - monthly    

Interest income - monthly    

Rental "net" income - monthly    

Other income    
Payroll "net" is what you take home. If you are paid every two weeks, multiply your take home pay by 2.16, if you are paid every week multiply your take home pay by 4.33.

If you receive other income quarterly, every six months or annually, divide the amounts into monthly figures.
Number of People in Family      
Number of vehicles you have    

Vehicle #1 payment    
Vehicle #2 payment    
Vehicle #3 payment    
Select the County you live in      
Enter the amount of IRS and Wisconsin Taxes you owe, if any     State or federal taxes from prior years, (do not include taxes you pay out of each paycheck) whether or not you have any agreement for their payment
Enter the amount of child support you owe, if any     Enter only the arrears - money you owe from the past, whether or not you have any agreement for their payment.
If you own your home:

Enter mortgage payment (P&I only)    
Enter property taxes (annual / 12)    
Enter property ins (annual / 12)    
Enter 2nd mortgage payment    
Enter 3rd mortgage payment    

If you rent, enter monthly rent    
Enter other secured debt payments:

RV payment     
Boat payment    
lawnmower/tractor payment    
Jewelry payment    
TV or electronics payment    
The payments on these items must be for having bought them. Title loans or credit card debt (like VISA or Mastercard) does not count.
If you pay:

Child support    
Support must be court ordered. Child care must be reasonable and verifiable