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Who needs a will?  Anyone over the age of 18 who has something that they want to leave to someone else when they die.  The something need not be something big or worth a great deal of money.  It could be passing on jewelry to the oldest daughter in the next generation or it could be as serious as naming a guardian and a trustee for your minor child.  If you don't have a will, you have to rely upon other people (and the courts) to do what you want.  The only sure way to make sure that your child will be raised by the person(s) you want instead of one of your relatives that you wouldn't allow to babysit for your pet iguana is a will.  If you have some money and you want it to be spent to support a charity and not be squandered by your irresponsible 18 year old brother, you need a will.  If you have some more money and you want to make sure your irresponsible 18 year old brother goes to school and gets and education, you need a will with a trust.

People don't like to think about a will because it reminds them that they will die one day.  A lot of people only think about wills when they are about travel or have surgery.  That happened to a friend of mine recently.  She was having some tricky surgery and she wanted to name my daughter in her will so I couldn't do it. But you can be sure that I sent her to someone who could!

So, do you need a will?  Probably.  Why don't you make an appointment for us to sit down and talk about it.  We can talk about wills, trusts, powers of attorney or living wills and what they mean for you and your family.  If you and your spouse (or significant other) come in together, you will get a reduced price. Simple wills are not expensive and may give you peace of mind.  Please call my office for a free consultation today.  You can also contact me by email.